Private Residence: Danville, CA

Private Residence: Danville, CA


Landscape & Garden Design Construction
Japanese Koi pond design
Rock garden & dry creek bed design
Natural Japanese waterfalls & features
Concrete & slab work
Deck & fence construction
Sod & moss installation
Sprinkler & drip systems
Plant selection, layout & design
Garden path layout & design

Professional Garden Maintenance
General garden & landscape upkeep
Professional Japanese Bonsai tree pruning
Japanese landscape & garden maintenance


Looking for help with your garden? From a complete overhaul, to a simple on-site garden design consultation, we offer a variety of services for you to chose from to help you with your landscape needs. 


On-Site Consultation: starting at $500

With this easy, on-site consultation, we provide you with innovative ideas and clear advice on how to design your garden. From technical aspects and construction, to plant materials and layout. We meet with you to discuss your garden, potential design ideas, and what you'd like to accomplish. By providing this service for your garden ideas and wishes, you are able to minimize common mistakes which will save you money and time. Up to 3hrs for consult, travel included. Site size and location determine total cost. 

Concept Plan: starting at $1,000

This includes an on-site consultation and concept plan for you to create your garden on your own. We'll provide you with a basic layout, ideas and design concept for you to work off of. A concept plan, rather than a landscape plan, may be adequate for you to construct your garden without the need for us to project manage. For an additional fee, we can provide you with light supervision. Site size and location determine total cost. 

Landscape Plan: starting at $1,500

This plan continues on from the concept plan and provides full working drawings enabling you to construct your garden on your own or with a crew of your choosing. Specifications for features and materials are provided including a full plant legend detailing botanical and/or common names. Dimensional sketches are provided where essential to construction. Site size and location will depend on total cost. 

Project Management: TBD

We manage your project and keep a close eye on contractors to complete your garden to the highest standard possible. This provides the advantage of only having to work with one person as the supervisor rather than a number of contractors.


Would you like us to handle every aspect of your landscape project, from garden design to install, for your home or place of business? We offer full scope landscape proposals and plans custom tailored to your location and climate.

To begin your project, we'll perform an initial site visit to review your needs and design wishes. A $500 fee is billed for this first site visit and will be credited to your total project design and install fee once contract is signed and approved. For every proposal we create for our clients, we are always conscious and considerate of your allotted budget and design needs. Our goal is to maintain integrity and quality of work at all times.

In order to provide you with flexibility of budget for your project, we offer three proposal options for you to choose from. 


PLATINUM: highest quality materials

Rocks: larger rocks, may be set by crane
Pond: specialist designed and sourced
Trees: advanced size sourced
Lighting: specialist designed


GOLD: high quality materials

Rocks: large rocks, may need up to three men to carry
Pond: specialist designed and sourced
Trees: semi-advanced size sourced
Lighting: we source & design.


SILVER: standard quality materials

Rocks: smaller rocks, may need one to two men to carry
Pond: specialist designed and sourced
Trees: up to 15 gallon container size with most in 10-15 gallon pots
Lighting: we source or you may select your own product